I work as a Preservation Archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Film Archive on the Blackhawk Films Collection and as the Assistant Archivist at the Bob Baker Marionette TheaterI have previously worked for the Conner Family Trust, Estate of George and Mike Kuchar, and digitally preserved the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park’s videotape collection. Much of my professional work has focused on the restoration and stewardship of moving image artist collections. This dedication to artists and filmmakers extends to exhibition standards and the acquisition of artworks within a fine art context. 


My current research is concerned with the obsolescence of technical expertise within the field of moving image archiving and preservation. I argue that without a platform for the exchange of cross-generational knowledge between AV archivists and technicians, these skills are an important part of our cultural heritage at risk of being lost. In tandem with this research, I also serve as the Co-Chair of the AMIA Continuing Education Advisory (CEA) Task Force.

I have a Masters in Library Information Science with a focus on Media Archival Studies (MLIS MAS) from UCLA and hold a B.A. in Art History from the University of the Pacific. As an undergraduate, I also studied at Goldsmiths College in London in their Visual Cultures Department.